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Information for participants

[1:1] workshop is a non-profit summer school focusing all the architecture phases into bare 11 days and happens every year at a different location. To realize an event in such extreme conditions is only possible thanks to all our sponsors and successful grant applications. However, it is necessary to ask all participants to contribute an amount of 249€ (early bird 199€) application fee.


The [1:1] WORKSHOP program includes:

  • 3 meals per day and accommodation for 12 nights (August 12 - 24, 2019)

  • the material, tools, place for work with coffee and snacks

  • professional leadership by experienced tutors

Woven / [1:1] / WORKSHOP 2019 / application process

  • Fill out this application form

  • Pay the deposit of 49 €
    Bank account: IBAN: SK46 8330 0000 0020 0073 2032


       Please do not forget to write your full name in the comment section of your transfer.

  • Pay the rest of the participant's fee until 30. 06. 2019

After your arrival to [1:1] WORKSHOP, you will be given a copy of the payment confirmation.
Your place at the workshop is confirmed only after paying the deposit. After we register your payment we will contact you via email.

The deposit is not refundable. If for any reason, you cannot come and you have already paid the deposit, you can find someone else to take your place.




Woven / [1:1] / WORKSHOP 2019 / schedule


12. 08. 2019

the arrival and welcoming of participants happens during the afternoon hours
We kindly ask all participants to plan to stay for the whole workshop, as it is always problematic to keep the flow with some team members missing, leaving a few days before the end, etc. 


13. 08. 2019 - 18. 08. 2019

design phase, individual and teamwork, including one night of self-presentation of your portfolios
It is very welcomed if you come prepared and make a selection of your works and interests in advance.


18. 08. 2019

public presentations with critics 


19. 08. 2019 - 23. 08. 2019

building phase, including safety training and introduction to working with tools

This is why we encourage you to bring closed firm shoes and comfortable working clothes for different weather conditions.


24. 08. 2019

the official end of the workshop, participants can leave during the afternoon hours

We ask the participants to plan their departure for the afternoon, as there is a professional photoshooting planned in the morning hours.

25. 08. 2019

Moc Umenia event and an official opening of the result of the workshop

PLEASE NOTE! In case you would like to extend your stay in Partizanske and enjoy this event you need to let us know so that we can book your accommodation. You can pay this in cash straight at the location.

Woven / [1:1] / WORKSHOP 2019 / about the location

Partizánske is a relatively young town. Its history starts in 1938–1939 when Jan Antonin Bata of Zlín and his powerful network of companies built a shoe factory in the cadastral area of Šimonovany municipality. The newly created settlement for workers carried the name of Baťovany and was part of Šimonovany. With the growth of the factory, so grew the settlement. The whole municipality was renamed to Baťovany in 1948 and given town status. As a sign of recognition of local inhabitants fighting in the Slovak National Uprising, the town was renamed Partizánske on 9 February 1949.[1] The factory was renamed by communists to Závody 29. augusta (29 August works) and it produced 30 million pairs of shoes and employed around 10,000 people.[2] However, after a failed privatization in the 1990s, only a fraction is left now.

(source: Wikipedia)


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