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...finds herself between fashion and architecture, small and big, private and public, intuitive and logical....

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I believe that the space between our bodies, clothes and architecture or walls around us is not empty. It is full of intensities, it is a dense space where the missing part of evolution can be built and marked. How would the world, where there is no difference between putting on the clothes and entering a space, work? The vision is to connect our transferable textiles with the ones which remain in interiors to create in-between layers, soft, pliable, continual spaces for new activities.

How do we make notations of architecture? We use plans, sections, we use schemes and diagrams. We understand the default language. If architecture can be attacked by other fields, how will the way we note change? 
If we believe (as Semper did), that textile is the basis of architecture, where will the various methods of marking clothes (garment patterns) and architecture meet?  

These objects blur the classic definitions of architecture ('firmitas, utilitas, venustas') to reveal the hidden ones. If, as Zevi says, architecture is an object where I am able to come in, my clothing-house does that. If, as Rossi says, architecture is theatre for life, my soft house offers conditions for different situations by constantly changing the clothes and location in one system. And if architecture is only the system of transits and boundaries, this process also provides them. For Tschumi, architecture is an event, a turning point, a place of shock. The clothing-house is also trying to surprise by paradoxical behaviour, discovering in-between spaces or moments where the boundary between interior and exterior is changing with every movement. The result is architecture as an intellectual and sensual experience. It was created by an architect with the hands of a tailor and it wants to remind us that architecture is the way of thinking standing before any built reality.

Team project "Feel the bit" made by students and teachers of AFAD architectural department collected local data full of smells, colours, tastes to behave on the white canvas according to the venice weather.

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