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Summer workshop 

for architecture and 

design students









Woven / [1:1] workshop / about



Educational event in form of a summer school:

  • for architects and designers, students and alumni, from Slovakia and abroad

  • designing directly followed by building, empirical experience with real materials in real scale

  • site analysis - concept idea - object design - presentation - technical documentation - mock-up testing - building

  • teamwork under the leadership of experienced tutors


Public Space Interventions:

  • interventions that happen bottom up - any local organization that identifies a place in need can host our workshop

  • the product of the workshop is a site-specific architectural object

  • the results of the workshop bring a broad range of qualities reflecting the local context

  • the outcome reanimates unused places, can offer unconventional exterior furniture and enriches the regional visual quality 

  • the resulting wooden object has a lifespan limited to a couple of years (generally about 5) depending on maintenance

  • the aim is to uplift places spotted by locally acting organizations and to bring attention to them, not to solve public space problems on a bigger scale

  • ecology and sustainability in the building are one of our priorities- meaning no glue, no paint, and locally sourced materials

ECTS credits:

  • our workshop is officially recognized as a subject of the Department of Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design




[1:1] workshop is proud to hold already 3 CEZAAR nominations in the "exterior" category for the results from Piešťany in 2016, from Stupava in 2017 and from Lučenec in 2018. UWO, the object from 2016 became a "cultural act of the year" in its hometown Piešťany. Check out the full list with [1:1] press publications in the Resume of Woven here.


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[1:1] is annually organized by Woven since 2013. Participation of the members of Woven influenced their need to bring a similar format to Slovakia and broaden practical educational possibilities in their major- architecture. Woven started to organize [1:1] workshop in Trnava Hora, on a semi-private land hosting children summer camps- Park pod Borovicou . After 3 years of gathering experience, they accepted an invitation coming from another organization Centre for Architecture in 2016 and moved out to continue their workshop journey in public spaces. After Piešťany, the workshop was hosted directly by the town of Stupava in 2017. In 2018 they collaborated with a non-profit organization from Lučenec called Young Folks .

The whole Woven team is looking forward to discovering more hidden and unknown places within our beautiful country of Slovakia and supporting the aims of locally acting NGOs. 



If you think you (or your NGO) could also become an interesting co-organizer/ local partner, please contact us!



Support [1:1]

It is only possible to organize this event in such quality thanks to Woven members and the financial and material support of all

the partners, co-organizers and institutions supporting cultural and educational events.


  • in case you would like to become our partner, please contact us here

  • if you would like to support our workshop financially, we will be very grateful. The bank details are

Bank account: IBAN: SK46 8330 0000 0020 0073 2032


  • supporting this unique project is possible also simply by buying some of our products that you can find here

  • any other form of support can be discussed at or here




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